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Ep. 24 We Weren’t Meant to Have Borders


In this episode of the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast, Jen Green discusses how borders are colonial. She also explains some of the impacts that these imposed borders have had, and continue to have, on the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. This episode uses the example of territorial overlap between the White River First Nation and Kluane First Nation, and how the colonial legality of territorial overlap has left White River First Nation without recognized Land.

Jen also uses the short story, “Borders,” by Thomas King to further explain how borders are used in the colonization of Indigenous Peoples and our Land.

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Links Mentioned:

We Weren’t Meant to Have Borders Blog Post

Real Map of Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island

Umbrella Final Agreement (1990)

“Borders” by Thomas King

Short Story Version:

Graphic Novel Version:

Liminal Space Article:

Dr. Roshan Danesh Quote (P.3) - "Shared Territories"

Another Great Reading Source:

Photos and Maps Mentioned

Photo of American soldiers raising American flag at Iwo Jima, Japan in 1945 (during the Pacific War in WWII)
Americans raising flag at Iwo Jima, 1945 (WWII)

Photo shows Traditional Territory of Blackfoot Confederacy. It crosses the US-CAN border, and the reserves left are small.
Blackfoot Confederacy Traditional Land and the Reserves They Are Left With


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