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Jen Facilitates Cultivating Safe Spaces Workshops and Going Beyond the Land Acknowledgement Workshops both as an independent contractor as well as part of 

She is available for both virtual and in-person formats.

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Cultivating Safe Spaces is a holistic training that uses Traditional Indigenous Knowledge and values to build heart-centred spaces that promote diversity and inclusion. In these spaces, our Circle members learn how to work from their natural perspective and facilitate deep healing and connection through Knowledge co-creation. In doing so, we decolonize workspaces, not only promoting safety but also creativity and innovation. Our Circles also discuss identity, belonging, and Ways of Being and Knowing.

Cultivating Safe Spaces training also focuses on understanding vicarious trauma and lateral violence, as well as how they present in the people we work with. We also discuss how working with traumatized populations can affect us and how we contribute to our work, as well as the ways that trauma shows up in our personal and professional lives. This training provides tools for spiritual self-care in addition to tools for managing and supporting team members and clients. Circle members will also learn tools for planning events and meetings that promote the Conditions and Protocols for Cultivating Safe Spaces, plus the 4 Perspectives and each of their communication styles.


Cultivating Safe Spaces is ideal for individuals and organizations that want to:

  • Learn to cultivate safe spaces for others and promote diversity and inclusion through a heart-centred approach.

  • Gain tools and resources to support team members struggling with burnout, exhaustion, cumulative stress and lateral violence.

  • Learn how to decolonize workspaces, policies and processes. and gain confidence in moving deeper into personal and professional healing.

  • Learn how to utilize a holistic approach without appropriating anyone else’s Knowledge.

  • Participate in Reconciliation and meaningful relationship building.​

The following Cultivating Safe Spaces formats are available:

90-Min Virtual

A 1.5-hour workshop that incorporates an overview of everything learned in the longer training sessions. However, there is no interactive element to this format and the workbook is not included. The 90-minute format is ideal for individuals who want to get an understanding of what to expect from a full CSS workshop. As length is added to the workshop, more time is dedicated to interactive elements and testing Knowledge in a safe space.

4 Hr Virtual/In-Person

A 4-Hour workshop encompassing a short but complete delivery of all Cultivating Safe Spaces lessons. This length includes a What's on My Heart session, one break-out session to co-create Knowledge with other participants, a closing Circle and wellness breaks. The 4-Hour format does include the digital workbook, and it is suitable for groups and individuals who want a fast, powerful delivery that will give them a path forward in inclusivity, lateral violence and vicarious trauma.

6 Hr Virtual/In-Person

The 6-hour workshop is the most interactive workshop. It features a full lesson on Cultivating Safe Spaces and ample breakout and brainstorming sessions for teams to practice what they're learning. The What's on My Heart session and Closing Circles are longer and individuals may take their time to address SWOT analysis as they feel necessary (important for three of the four CSS Perspective groups). ​This workshop includes a larger digital workbook than the 4-Hour workshop.

Going Beyond the Land Acknowledgement Workshops

After the success of Episode 25: All About Land Acknowledgements on the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast, several organizations have asked Jen for a workshop to help them and their staff create reflective, Reconcilitation-Based Land Acknowledgements. This workshop is the result of that desire for further learning within the Go Smudge Yourself community.


This workshop is designed to walk individuals through the process of writing a Reconciliation-Based Land Acknowledgement. Participants will learn deep reflection skills, keywords and phrases about Land, and how to use Land Acknowledgements in a respectful way for all Beings in the region. Workshops include opportunities for question periods and breakout groups.

The following Going Beyond the Land Acknowledgment Workshop formats are available:

90-Min Virtual/In-Person

Participants will receive Reconciliation-based training to craft their own respectful Land Acknowledgements by exploring the concept of Relationship to Place. This workshop uses a 7-Step Protocol to teach participants how to center a "What now?" approach to Reconciliation, rather than a checklist approach. This workshop length includes a wellness break and a question period.

3 Hr Virtual/In-Person

The 3-Hr workshop includes all the teachings of the 90-Minute format. However, on top of the Reconciliation-based training for Land Acknoweldgements, participants will have the opportunity to reflect and practice crafting their Land Acknowledgements with their peers. This workshop length includes a wellness break, a breakout period, a question period, and a closing Circle.

Are you ready to start your Reconciliation journey?

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