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Episode 22: Decolonizing as a Settler (ft. Lisa Dutchak)

In this episode of the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast, Jen Green and Lisa Dutchak discuss decolonizing gender and sexuality, as well as changing how we measure success from the colonial metric to one that is more Spiritually fulfilling. Lisa is a White woman of privilege actively fighting to use her privilege to decolonize. Not only is she a certified Cultivating Safe Spaces facilitator and a 3rd-year psychology student, but she’s also a single mom, a mental health and neurodivergence advocate, a feminist and a fat-phobia fighter!

**correction: When speaking about forest fires, I meant to say that all of the major fires that were used towards justifying stricter and stricter legislation against Cultural Burns were actually fires that were started by Settlers. I’ve linked an example of one such fire below, but several more were used against Indigenous Peoples to take away our food sovereignty through Land activation.

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The book, Fire, Indians and the Land of the Pacific Northwest by Robert Boyd, details the Bush Fire Act of 1874, but you can read a small bit about the letters in the Narwal article below. They feature an excerpt from the chapter “Time to Burn," written by Nancy Turner.

Another source to check out:


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