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Bonus from Cultivating Safe Spaces: The Four Conditions of CSS

"I think so many of us have lofty expectations for ourselves, again coming back to that “ideal contributing citizen, family member, etc.” that’s sold to us from a young age. We’re taught that we have to be great and do great things, but the reality is that only creates an ideal self. So when your current self, the Being you are today, doesn’t measure up, it’s upsetting."

In this episode of the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast, Jen Green presents the Four Conditions of Cultivating Safe Spaces from the CSS Podcast: Understanding Self, Love-Based Practices, Patience and Discipline. She discusses the Four Conditions, expands on the Love-Based Practices and gives examples of how these Conditions are affirmed and implemented. Jen also touches on Nested Systems and how the Conditions fall within a Nested System.

Mahsi, Meduh, Thank You

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