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Episode 26: Moose Hide Campaign (ft. Raven and Sage Lacerte)

*** Trigger Warning: This episode is a discussion about gender-based and domestic violence. If you need help, please see the resources below. In this episode of the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast, Jen Green meets with Raven and Sage Lacerte from the Moose Hide Campaign. They discuss gender-based violence and how the Moose Hide Campaign, which started in 2011, has worked hard to raise awareness of gender-based violence against Indigenous women, children and Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer people. The Campaign just passed out its 4 millionth pin and will be hosting the next Moose Hide Campaign Day on May 11, 2023!

Mahsi Meduh Thank You

Music by Indian Act Music @indianactmusic on IG

Resources for Help

Moose Hide Campaign Instagram and LinkedIn

Go Smudge Yourself Community (free resources)

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