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Episode 17: (feat. Leo Isaac) Two-Spirit Squared - Decolonizing Gender

In this episode of the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast, Jen Green sits down with Leo Isaac to discuss decolonizing gender. In this first part of the 3 part series, we hear about Leo’s spiritual journey in finding his Two-Spirit identity and what it means to be Two-Spirit (featuring a question from one of our Buy Me a Coffee community members). Leo Isaac is a Dakelh Two-Spirit man who has been documenting his inspiring journey on Instagram with the hashtag #leolivingloud since 2016. He has a speaking event available on Vimeo through the Raven Institute called “Leo Isaac: Living Loud,”(linked below) and he continues every day to step into his light, grow spiritually, and be a form of true Two-Spirit representation for those around him.

Mahsi Meduh Thank You

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Where to Find Leo Isaac


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