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Jen Greenway on the Land of the Okanagan Syilx Nation

About Me

Jenelle Greenway (she/they) is a Two-Spirit Tahltan-Kaska writer, podcaster, and Indigenous Rights activist from the Yukon Territory. She is a member of the Talakoteena House of the Tahltan Nation and thus belongs to the Wolf Clan. Jen is a descendent of the last Great Chief Nanok through her late Grandmother Violet (Nehass) Greenway.


With a background in Indigenous Governance, she is passionate about decolonizing education and co-creating Knowledge, as well as providing tools and action plans for Indigenous and Settler folx to join Reconciliation conversations and the LandBack movement. As a facilitator, Jen aims to break down hierarchical spaces and to inform individuals and businesses on how to move forward in an inclusive and reconciliatory approach, especially with Indigenous Peoples. Her work as a writer and host of the Go Smudge Yourself Podcast also makes her keen to teach the direct link between lateral violence and the lack of creativity, innovation and performance we see in ourselves and staff.

Her facilitation has ranged from regional to international spaces.  Recent events include the Gender-Based Violence Action Plan (2023), Healing Our Spirits Worldwide Conference (2023) as well as the Climate Action Secretariat and First Nations Leadership Council (2022). 

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